Late Night Tutoring at Young Harris College

Spring time at Young Harris College

Well here I am, sitting with the college kids in the late night dining hall, tutoring.  Yes, tutoring, and writing this quick blog.

I have to say that being a tutor is very enjoyable.  I like being able to help those who find History completely unfathomable, as one would find a new foreign language.  I believe that is what History is to them, something foreign and out of this world, and it may be projected from an alien world if you would hear them talk about it.

I can understand that learning History is a bit tedious for some.  Dates, facts, places and people, who do not mean much except to those of us who have grown older, and want to find that connection with distant events to make sense out of the chaos of today’s world.

History is a great subject to study.  I find that when dissecting the past, we can predict the future, because as much as one does not want to believe it, history does repeat itself.  Being a historian makes me feel that I can perhaps change the world, even if its by tutoring one student at a time. :=)

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