When it Rains, it Pours – Can Anyone Really Manage Money in this Economy?

This week is winding up to be one of “those” weeks.  Yes, I know each and every one of you have experienced times like this, when you feel that your cup is truly running over, but not in a good way.  The old proverb, “when it rains, it pours,” is following me around like a bad odor, or like a green fog you see in cartoons.

What happened?  (I know you are asking, because you want to see if yours adds up to mine, and we can compare notes about how the stars have it out for us.)

My dog went into labor this past Sunday.  It would have been okay, I guess, but my beagle happened to have difficulty and the first one died, and the second one was headed that way, but I saved it.  THEN, the third got stuck, and poor Paisley had to be rushed in the morning to the Vet to have emergency surgery.  This was not good.  I’m in school and on unemployment.  Anytime emergency surgery comes into conversation, it is never good money wise, and in this case, when handed the $524.00 vet bill, I could feel the migraine coming.  Good news, one other puppy was alive and brought home with her brother.

Tuesday informed by my bank that I had to pay $140.00 at 2:00 pm. This needed to be to paid by 4:30 pm or it would report negatively on my credit report.  Hmmmm, did I mention I was in school and on unemployment, and just got handed a $524.00 Vet bill?

Wednesday, had no money and no gas to get to school.  (Gas has risen .40 cents in the past week.)  Running on fumes I remembered I had $20.00 to pick up at a local consignment store.  I bought a .79 cent coke and put the rest in my tank.  Needed caffeine to keep awake because I spent the night trying to catch up on homework I missed doing this past weekend. Got to school, and realized a 6 page draft is due in one of my classes, and I haven’t even had a chance to start.  Worried about Paisley.

Thursday, spent all day at school, took a writing test at 7:00 pm for the education department after tutoring all afternoon.  (Still driving around on the $20.00 Thank GOD, but now wondering how long that will last.)  Had to buy groceries also on Tuesday, and spent double what I normally do, even though I brought less than what I normally buy!! Everything has doubled.

Luckily, now I have noodle soup, and lots of beans and rice now, so I will not starve, but being in this situation has made me extremely sensitive to others who have it worse.  I know it seems like I am complaining, and I guess in a way I am.  I feel like I have already been down this road too many times when I was younger and rather naive about money management.  But now I’m in my forties, and it should not be this way because I have mastered that lesson.  What happened?

I read articles on Yahoo written by a lot of different reporters who explain how you can save zillions in just 20 years, by cutting out all the non-essentials.  I wonder if these people have actually lived in the real world.  We have cut out all the non-essentials, and other than constructing a tent out in the yard and living there, we are pretty much down to the very bone, and still do not have the means to cover all our bills.  (And these bills are not credit cards, just expenses for everyday living).  I am convinced that no matter what I try, there is never going to be enough at this time to pay what needs to be paid.  As long as gas stays above $3.00 and unemployment rates high, as well as groceries prices excelling into the “I can’t afford that” range, we will not ever experience any type of organized money management, much less a savings account that has more than .72 cents in it.

When it rains, it pours.

5 thoughts on “When it Rains, it Pours – Can Anyone Really Manage Money in this Economy?

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  1. Hang in there! Anyone who can write as well as you do, and is as personable as you evidently are, is highly employable. School will pay dividends. It’s just taking away from your immediate earning potential. You have a good plan. Stick to it.


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