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Lucky’s Post – My dog wanted the limelight today.

Lucky enjoying “his” boat. Shhhh, don’t tell him its ours.

Today Lucky wanted me to do a blog on him, so I am.  Kev and I got Lucky just about the time we reconnected two years ago.  He’s been the best little dog ever, and has turned out to be a “boat” dog.  Lucky was abandoned out in the country by his previous human owner, near a friend’s deer camp, and was just to the point of death when Bill discovered him.  They kept him at the barn on the land for a while until winter started to roll around.  Concerned that Lucky would be cold and lonely, Bill approached me about giving him a home.  Anyways, long story short, he came to live at Little Yellow Cabin in the Mountains in 2009, and is King of “his” mountain, and knows his mommy loves him extremely.

This is his poem:


I walked the streets, alone and forgotten.

Someone threw me out, and I became sodden.

A tramp, I was always looking for a meal here and there.

A handout maybe at Chico’s or under the big stair.

Soon I grew weary of the city, its violence and uncare.

Someone always chasing me,

Throwing rocks, screaming “get out of there.”

I found a road marked I-75, and left as soon as could be.

The country was nice, I traveled far.

I made a bed in hay, and once in an old car.

I was doing just fine, until I got hurt

Careless human, with his fancy new shirt.

My leg was damaged only a little

I had three others, so it wasn’t a bother

I hobbled awhile, until I got settled

Found an old barn, owned by Bill and his father.

I hadn’t been there long

Before someone nice petted my ears

Gave me eggs, toast and part of his pear

I buried the toast.

Bill gave me a ride, in his big truck

Said it was just my luck.

He had found me a home

With a lady who lived near his cousin Jerome.

We traveled for awhile

To a place called an office

Where I met a lady who was pretty and she smelled like mint.

Kissed me often, wasn’t that different.

I liked my new house but not the bath

Lots of attention, and I slept on her bed.

Now I wander but only up to the fence

She pets me much and I sigh in content.

I’ve been here most of a year

I’m the King of my mountain and I get to chase deer.

I sit in the sun and roll in the grass.

Daydream of her, she’s coming near.

I lean against her as she whispers,

“How’s my Luckers? Such a good boy!”

I close my eyes, so happy

Cause I’m Lucky, with a home full of joy.


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