Today is Poetry Day – Out of Exile Chapbook Excerpts

Two years ago in my writer’s group, I met via internet a wonderful lady who wrote dark poetry.  Under her insistance, I tried my own techniques and have been hooked ever since.  Poetry is such a different form of writing for me. Its quick, tempo beats help me to say in short phases something powerful.  I am not a traditional poet, but rather something like the beatniks of the late 50s and early 60s, and my phrases take on that jazzy beat from back then.

It was during the beginning of my adventure into poetry that my life took a turn, and I felt that I was coming out of a place which I had been exiled into.  Thus the name of the Chapbook.  So today, I am posting some of that poetry from it.


There once were Angels in Heaven who asked God

how he could love the wild ways of human nature so unconditionally.

He smiled and gently replied.

No one can truly understand the creator and his children

until you have experienced love yourself.

The Angels asked to know and so

God divided each at their core.

Splitting the divine beings into Twin Souls,

He caused their essence to be born upon the women of Earth,

with the plan in mind that they must seek their other half.

Only in this joined state He decided,

would these Angels know what love was.


All searched the world

each being lost among the sea of hearts.

Incomplete and hollow, never understanding why

they returned from each death only to start again.


And this cycle repeated eon after eon

none ever finding the divided self.

Until one day by chance a meeting of one man and one woman

sparked a knowing within themselves they had found something


When at last they touched in a lover’s embrace, their souls joined.

Bursting forth joy, happiness, love, extreme love.


Yet the angelic souls could not resist their human ways

and allowed the distractions of the Earth to tear their perfect love.

Once happy and complete, they now stood distance.

Glancing back at one another, their eyes lingered wistful,

knowing they were meant to be, but for some unknown reason wouldn’t.


And the man left, searching for something new,

leaving her behind.


As the days passed, the thought of their twin soul filled the other’s dream.

The woman, allowed not much time for recollection.

For the memory of her lover’s arms only fueled the howl within her.

The scream of her spirit cried out in agony as it raised its face to Heaven.

A question hanging at the threads of thought, until God’s voice silenced her.

Unconditional love my child is what you asked to know.

You found perfection in the love of who completed you

and now after he turned to the ways of the world, deserting you,

away from the sanctuary of your embrace, do you hate him?

Or do you still love him . . . unconditionally?


Her answer was no then yes, and God said,

now you understand my love for my children.

Come home, your lesson is learned.

Wait for your twin and I shall give you to each other.

The woman thought briefly and shook her head.

Father I love thee, but I must stay awhile,

for there is a need for perfect love upon your Earth.

So much anger, so much discontent.

I am needed even for a little while.

Since my heart has learned to love,

I must teach those who don’t know how.

To fill the hollow empty shell with something unconditional.

And if by chance I should see my twin I will love him just the same.


Days stretched into weeks, weeks into years.

Finally her end came near.

As the essence of the woman rose to the painted archway of light

a familiar voice called to her.

I’ve been waiting for you all this time he said.

I left to seek something else and instead found only darkness.

I died many ways that year, when I walked away.


As they touched, their energy combined, the souls at last joined.

One had returned, whole, completed in perfect love.

God smiled as the angel appeared,

What took you so long Gabriel?

He said with a happy tear.



Sweet Release

When I hear the words whispered from your lips they torment my broken soul.

I must deny the depth of their meaning.
As past memories provoke me and my heart must be guarded.

Your confliction you thrust upon me, and your promises of devotion are marred by lies.

I cannot hear you, your form having no life within it.
Your actions are loud, as thunder rolling in from distant mountains.

Anguish rips through me until the retreat of my heart seeks serenity.
Through the quiet look of a kindred heart, I find solace.
Into the brown pools of his windows
I jump and drown, falling softly from your world of hurt.
I commit no longer to anything,
only sweet release of ache.



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