It said “Love Life – Be Brave”

The other day, Kev and I were cleaning out the garage and putting things together to have a little yard sale.  There were some old clothes and towels that I put in a tub and closed.  The next day, as we were putting things out at on the flea market table, I opened this tub up, and there, on top, on one of the towels, was a silver ring.  It was strange, because there it was, sitting, unmoved, as if it was just placed there by someone.  What I found even odder, was this tub was moved, hauled and yanked about, so something like this silver ring would, most likely, ended up in the bottom.

I picked it up and looked at it.  It was a little worn, and it had an inscription on the outside and inside of the ring.  It said “Love Life (outside) and (inside) Be Brave.”  Pausing for a moment, I contemplated that message, and then slipped the silver circle over my finger.

For the rest of the day, I thought about this special gift, for that’s how I felt about it.  A higher power placed this for me to find, to remind me to keep in my heart, what I’ve learned from all the bumps and valleys in my journey through this existence thus far.

My life never has been easy, but then again, is it really for anyone?  I’ve learned that it is only when I love others, people I don’t know and people I do, that I accomplish many things.  I love life and life loves me back.

Being brave has been a motto I carried with me since I was little.  I never feared to do dirty jobs that no one else would do, especially when it mattered, and my family needed to eat, or shelter, and I never feared to look people in the eye, especially when they needed to know, I really did care about what they had to say.

Deep down I feel this ring was given to me for a purpose.  Perhaps to give me a special message that something extraordinary is about to happen.  So if you would, pass the message along to people you know – “Love Life” and “Be Brave.”

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