Short Stories and What Not

Sci-Fi Short Story – A Long Winter

It had been half a day of trudging through snow and ice at a pace any normal person would have already succumbed to.  This was my purgatory, I was sure of it.  I wondered who I pissed off in my other life to be detailed so far away from the green and blue of home.  All I could see was white and more white on this forsakened planet, and the far distance speck of the demon that pursued me.

I really could not understand why he was so upset.  It was not like she meant
anything to either one of us.  She was just something to hold on to when this endless winter chilled you to the very marrow of your bones.  Her death was trivial compared to what we had to endure here.  No warmth, no comfort, no one but us until the supply ship comes in six months.  It was hell so far away from Earth, and I really did not care about her passing.

The speck was gaining distance, and I was not making much headway in the wind.
The gap was closing quickly, and even though I mustered a reserve of energy, the brute still caught me.

“How could you do it mate?” he thundered above the gale, shaking me until my teeth rattled.  “She was me one and only.”

“She was nothing!” I screamed, as I clawed at his fist.

“She was like me bride,” he countered roughly drawing back his hand as he prepared to strike.  “Now what am I supposed to do the nights when I be off watch?”

I glanced down at the electrical cord  tightly gripped within my grasp.  “For God’s sake man! She was just an electric blanket!  I’ll buy you a bloomin’ new one!”

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