The Morrigana – Feminine Aspect of Green Isle’s Deity


As I created the complex history of Be’thasileth, the parallel world in another dimension to Earth, I knew as I compiled the history of the characters that there should be a Deity, an individual who cares for those residing in this land, that looks down at the events happening in this world and knows what the outcome should be, but only intervenes should it further the agenda of what must come to past.

But who should this person be?

It was a daunting task.  As a history major, I have researched many aspects of current and ancient religious beliefs.  I find it very interesting that our world before the influence of the Roman empire, steered towards a feminine view of creation.  Looking at the ancient people who populated the areas of Ireland, Britain and Scotland, the major deities were all female.  Morrigan was Irish, Beira was Scottish, Arianrhod was Welsh.  It was only after the male dominated society of Rome conquered the land, did this view disappear from the cultures.

In Irish folklore, Morrigan is the goddess of death and guardian of the dead.  In early Celtic depictions of her, she is crafted in pottery form with large breasts and the head of either a Raven or Crow.  Her representation thus is divided as a goddess of fertility and the goddess of the dead.  She is also associated with the symbol three (3) as a triple energy force.  The duality as a sustainer of life and guardian of the dead helped me to use her as the protector of Green Isle, but also as the destructor.

In Green Isle’s story, The Morrigana is structured after the Irish goddess, but her personality is split into two, Good and Evil.  Morrigana is not only the concerned matronly figure who cares about Green Isle’s destiny, but also the deity who would not hesitate to destroy, if it carried her desired path for the Island further.  She is the persona of how we view our own creator, a giver and taker of life.

Most people in the story see her as a grey wolf, shape shifting into an old woman, but she can be anything to anyone.  No one knows if she is present among them unless she wants them to know.

In Book One – “The Forgotten Spell” she has secluded herself in the Elathe Bogs and comes out of the mist and shadows to the main characters to read their palms.  While only a parlor trick for their benefit, The Morrigana already knows the path they travel.  She warns two of them, that to stray from their destiny will carry consequences that would be devastating to them, Green Isle and Earth.

Book Two – “The Mirror Sliver” the reader will see more of The Morrigana, as she helps those who gather to battle the Black Warlock Uthal. (See Character’s Page).  Her desire to rid both worlds of this type of evil evident in her intervention for one of the characters.







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