Baobhan Sith – Babda and her Ravens

Finding bad guys for my storyline proved to be daunting.  Babda and her Raven clan are an important part of Legends of Green Isle, and was based in part on the Baobhan Sith.  In the Scottish/Irish lore the Baobhan Sith were evil spirits which took the form of hooded crows, or sometimes would appear to their victims as young girls with long green dresses which hid their deer hooves, luring young men in order to suck their blood.  These fairy vampires are dangerous, and should be avoided at all cost.

In the series, the Raven Queen and her clan hunt the main characters, and even confront them in a small battle.  There is hint that Keltrain, the ageless wizard and Babda are arch enemies, and have confronted each other before.  More on this will be developed in a later book.

At the beginning of Book One “The Forgotten Spell”, Matt sees the ravens silently sitting on the rooftop of Stewart Manor, watching him and his little brother.  Instinctively, they bother him, and rightly so, for in Green Isle legends, Babda and her Raven clan, visited the battlefield of the Formorians and Uthal’s (See Character’s Page) army, and feasted on the bodies of the dead Formorian people.

In Book Two “The Mirror Sliver”, the reader will glimpse more of their vampire attributes, as one of the main character has an unlucky encounter with Babda, their queen.


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