Writing Atlantis into my stories

The sunken city

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the theory of Atlantis.  Plato’s description of the city beyond the Pillars of Hercules has fueled an imagination of who these people were.  Many scholars have rebuffed the idea, claiming this theory is pure fantasy.  But what if it were true, and there existed a civilization that rivaled our own, thousands of years earlier than well known history.

While writing Legends of Green Isle, I thought about the Atlanteans.  It gave me the idea of how Uthal (see Characters page) came about, and the disappearance of these great people from Earth.  The theme is a subtle background for the main story and its characters.

{{On researching, I found some tidbits that peaked my interest further, and I climbed into more history. Mayans believe the foundation of time began as post deluge survivors made it to South America (August 10th, 3113 BC) – the Egyptian first dynasty began approximately 3100 BC – Babylonian version of the great flood approximately 3116 BC.}}

While not using the flood theme in my series, I did use the survivor beliefs.  In the series the Formorians (see Characters page) needed to escape their destruction by the warlock, and with the help of the Elfs, they went through the portal to a parallel dimension.  The majority of the race disappeared into the sea, with only a select survivors from the royal house making it.

I have also run across theories that the Berber people of Morocco believe they are descendants of survivors from Atlantis, as well as the Basques in Spain.  It calls for further research.  What if there was a fallen continent between North America and Europe and North Africa?  This would change all we know about history.

{{In “The Atlantis Encyclopedia” = Atlaintika (Euskara) was a sunken island referred to as “The Green Isle” from which Basque ancestors arrived in the Bay of Biscay.}}

I hope that having the shadow of the Atlantis legend will peak the interest of the reader, perhaps creating a desire to satisfy their own curiousity by doing their own research.  As a future history teacher, this is what I strive for – the stimulation of young minds, and old alike.

Happy Writing!

Map of Atlantis

1 thought on “Writing Atlantis into my stories”

  1. Well, there is a little problem here : Plato talked about 9700 years BC, not 3100.
    Question is, what about this gap of approximatively 6600 years?


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