The Main Characters Book One

Matt and Toby face their new home with some reservations.  Creepy and dark, Stewart Manor does not look inviting.  Hearing strange voices in the overgrown hedge maze in back of the house their first day there, seeing the figure in the portrait over the fireplace move and hearing disembodied laughing from behind the locked gate of the garden, places an even bigger question in Matt’s mind about what was going on in their home.  Little does Matt know that soon he will be embarking on a brave adventure with his new friends, Miranda, Thomas and Ned to a parallel world called Be’thasileth.  A place where all magic creatures sought refuge from the Black Warlock thousands of years ago.

Throughout the six books in this series, these characters forge a bond which will last well over sixty years, as their children and then grandchildren continued the epic adventure on Green Isle.  This friendship mimicks the bonds we create in everyday life with our friends from youth, or even adulthood.  Tackling the adventure of life, we commit ourselves to lasting bonds which enable us to conquer the problems with the aid of our companions, who support us through good and bad.  Matt will realize this at the conclusion of Book Six –  Rise of the Sword Bearer.

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