Scottish Goddess Beira


Delving into Celtic beliefs, there are certain characters from “Green Isle” which parallel ancient oral traditions.  Bera, who is a witch in my story, is a creation from the goddess Beira.  Beira was actually considered something along the lines of Mother Nature.  She was the mother of all gods and goddesses in Scottish beliefs.  She is similar to Gaia in Greek mythology.  In ancient Scottish myths Beira had giant sons called Fooar, which later morphed into the Formorians, or “Sea People.”  In “Legends of Green Isle,” the Formorian people were cast as ancient Atlanteans who befriended the Black Warlock.  Unlike what the Irish believed, who thought the Formorians were evil, in “Legends of Green Isle” they are scholars and people of a great and knowledged magical society.


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