These creatures are an important aspect of what makes Black Isle creepy.  So what are they you ask?  In Scottish folklore, the Brollachan are seen as shapeless deformed creatures.  They hold a grudge against the whole world, and walk around muttering curses against their enemies.  They have no fixed form and appear different to each person, because they can become whatever they touch.

You can always recognize the Brollachan because they will always speak with two distinct phrases: “Myself” and “Thyself.”

In the “Legends of Green Isle” Series, Brollachan are the henchmen of the Black Warlock, Uthal.  Banished by the Elf King and Queen long ago to the dark regions of Black Isle, they are brought back to seek out people wanted by the Black Warlock, and to destroy them. Watch out for them, because they can take the appearance of mist and only the wizard, Ketrain can kill them with a special dagger given to him by the Shadow People of the House of Murias Donn.


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