Research for book one

Researching characters seemed to be the most difficult task.  How was I to come up with the main players of this epic?  Matt and Toby were easy – they were the characters from my dream.   I had to develop all the rest.

Sitting in front of my computer back in 2003, I stared at the screen with a blank express of bewilderment.  Where to start?  Green Isle floated above my head in a cartoonish box and I thought, ‘Hey it sounds Irish.”  Off I went to the search engine and typed in Irish myths and legends.  What I found so long ago has led me on a journey of not only discovery of the story line, but discovery of a desire to become a history professor.

Some interesting tidbits:

my elf name – Idril Seregon

Gwyllion – irish meaning ghosts, spirits, human or supernatural night wanderers.

When dragon’s blood touches the tongue you will be able to understand the speech of birds.

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