The Creation of Green Isle

As an author, stories come to me in many different circumstances.  This particular series was actually a dream I had one night and then, another night.  It was as if the muses were speaking directly to me, and something wonderful was in the beginnings of being created.  This happened in 2003.

2020 17 years of creating a world and its people – characters who have been voices in my head, speaking their tale, and helping to write the words. All have come together to start a magical epic adventure that I hope young adults, and others alike, will enjoy being part of. I think I hit pay dirt this past summer by letting my mind out and discovering the mental worm holes lead to a lot of creative endeavors.

I’ve started this blog to journal the creation of the books but also to be an outlet for poetry and short stories, feature some fellow authors, and just be.

I want to share the research which I have been delving into.  It is quite fascinating.  There is a tone of the legend of Atlantis buried within the structure of the entire story of Green Isle and old Gaelic folklore.  My muses have blessed me.

I created this epic tale for my children, like Tolkien did for his son during WWII and as C.S. Lewis wrote, so shall I, Constance. May his blessings abound in the journey of the Series’ messages. And as long as my children enjoy and like them, then I have passed the gauntlet of their discerning judgment, and will be forever happy.

Now, onto more researching and more writing.



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